1. amamakphoto:

    We’re selling Polaroid Prints!

    They’re $15 for three signed 5x5 prints of some of our favourite Polaroid shots ever (a few of which happen to feature in our polaroid book, as well). Check them out in our etsy shop - the first three orders will include a bonus mini 3x4 print, too!

    (Amamak’s Etsy/Blurb shop)   

    Cute, reasonably priced prints! Party!

  2. amamakphoto:

    Amamak team selfies: 2013 edition!

    we’re pretty cute

  3. amamakphoto:

    We’ve got a new book!

    It’s 5x8 and 100 whole pages of super awesome Polaroids from the past year! In case our Bedroom Session 001 wasn’t really your style, this collection features pretty sunlight, beautiful spaces, and some bedroomy awesomeness to boot. The book - which is slightly smaller but over twice as long as the last one - follows our instant adventures over the past year, from indoor shoots avoiding the snow to beach days and garden visits, and it’s available for $30 on Blurb.

    Since so many people were interested in a signed copy last time around, we’re offering the chance right away to pre-order a signed copy with two signed 5x5 Polaroid prints for $40+shipping. Send us a message if you’re interested before January 30th (Expect delivery by mid- to late-February) or buy it on Blurb straight away!

    We’re really proud of this book and we hope you’ll love it too!


  4. amamakphoto:

    Reminder: today is the last day to enter our bedroom session book giveaway!

    (Sadly, there is no Matt in the book)

    *pretend annoyed voice* gettin’ real tired of your shit, Matt!

  5. amamakphoto:

    Okay, so here’s the deal - as you know, we’ve just released a little book of photos called Bedroom Session 001.

    We’re super proud of it & have an extra proof copy we’d like to give away, as a big thank you to all of you folks for supporting us and generally being awesome! You’ll get this exact copy of the book, signed by both members of Amamak. It’s a little different from the final draft - and it has a slightly off-colour square on the cover as you can see in the second picture.

    In order to enter the giveaway, you just have to follow Amamak & like or reblog this posttwo chances to win right there! We’ll pick a winner a week from today, on November 22. Oh, and if you’d just like to buy the book anyhow, you can do that here!

  6. erinsummerlin:

    Lately I’ve been missing summer…. 

    Model: Erin Summerlin

    Photographer: Wesley Kirk

    Love this girl. Can’t wait to shoot with her one of these days! Plus, obligatory guuuuurl.

  7. lvurenhenson:

    Yes hello I approve of this

    (Source: amamakphoto)

  8. amamakphoto:

    Aviva, being a different kind of fair-y.


    We go to fairs, capture insane colours and humidity-induced light glares, make puns, et cetera. Full service Amamak!

  9. thephotographicjournal:

    Interview 014 AMAMAK

    AMAMAK is the collaborative work of Michelle Karpman and Aviva Artzy. Michelle snaps the pictures, while Aviva poses in front of her lens.

    Their Orange Julep series is presented today on TPJ, capturing all that is good about summer in Montreal, alongside a conversation exploring their work together. We here at TPJ hope you enjoy this hybrid Photo Essay and Interview.

    Read the Interview

    Really happy with this! You should check it out (if you want)!

  10. andredefreitas:

    Ion by Andre De Freitas featuring my beautiful friend Aviva

    Hearts in my eyes. Every. Single. Time.