1. oh-totoro:

    YAY!!! I cannot believe it, but I have reached a phenomenal 50,000 followers (now 55,555)! That’s 49,500 more than I ever hoped to have, hehe, and to celebrate and say thank you for your unbelievable support, I want to give a little something back.

    There will be three lucky winners who will each win one of these prizes…

    1ST PRIZE:
    The large Oh-Totoro (grey) plushie.

    2ND PRIZE:
    The medium Chu-Totoro (blue) plushie.

    3RD PRIZE:
    The small Chibi-Totoro (white) plushie.

    All three of these plushies are genuine Japanese merchandise and feature the official “Approved by Studio Ghibli” sticker, so are very high quality! ^___^


    1. You must be following oh-totoro
         - I will check this after making the draw and redraw if necessary.
    2. You must reblog this post.
         - Each reblog counts as an entry. You may reblog once per day.
    3. You must be willing to give me your postal address.
         - Well, this should be obvious.
    4. A photo of each winner with their prize would be greatly appreciated so I can reblog it to oh-totoro, but this is not a requirement.


    Thursday 31st July 2014 (and will be announced a week later)

    I will contact the three winners on this date and give them 48 hours to respond to my Ask. If I don’t receive a response, I will nudge up those who have responded and redraw the lowest prize. This will also be the case if Asks are not enabled. Make sure your Asks are enabled!


    Anybody can enter. I will post to any country. So don’t miss out!

    Good luck! x

  2. tombagshaw:

    One of the works from the ‘Black Lodge’ series that i will be launching on the 1st August. Over the next few days i will be releasing some more of the images along with more information on the Black Lodge collectors book! ‘Rapture’, like the rest of the series is a one off print on heavy cotton rag stock, mounted on board, varnished and framed and comes with a COA. Sold. Many thanks to Aviva Artzy for modelling.


    Soooo excited to be a part of this project! You should all check it out and pick up a collector’s book when it launches officially!

  3. babsdraws:


    Fan-arting my own character in my own way. Personal work, 2014

    My comic sensei is the beeeeeest!!!!! <3

    Things that I am super on board with: this

  4. xinranliu:

    Test run for a potential series, featuring thatartzygirl.

    Eeeeeeeee this is so good and also Xin is amazing, you should all follow him!

  5. Went on a mini hike in Gatineau Park a few weeks ago, my instagram got really green as a result.

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  6. amamakphoto:

    Super fun Florida Instagram adventures!

    (May 22-25, 2014)

    …and then there was Florida! 

  7. I was in Vermont last month and I took a couple photos!

    (I have lots more adventures to share but we’ll start with these photos from Bingham falls for now)

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  8. Quick poll:

    Who has ever been featured on the chive without their permission or even knowledge?

    Who has actually submitted a photo to the chive?

    Who else fucking hates the chive?

  9. My blog turned 5 today!

    Well, that’s something?

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  10. Anonymous said: How punk rock are u?

    like, super punk rock.