1. tombagshaw:

    One of the works from the ‘Black Lodge’ series that i will be launching on the 1st August. Over the next few days i will be releasing some more of the images along with more information on the Black Lodge collectors book! ‘Rapture’, like the rest of the series is a one off print on heavy cotton rag stock, mounted on board, varnished and framed and comes with a COA. Sold. Many thanks to Aviva Artzy for modelling.


    Soooo excited to be a part of this project! You should all check it out and pick up a collector’s book when it launches officially!

  2. babsdraws:


    Fan-arting my own character in my own way. Personal work, 2014

    My comic sensei is the beeeeeest!!!!! <3

    Things that I am super on board with: this

  3. xinranliu:

    Test run for a potential series, featuring thatartzygirl.

    Eeeeeeeee this is so good and also Xin is amazing, you should all follow him!

  4. Went on a mini hike in Gatineau Park a few weeks ago, my instagram got really green as a result.

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  5. amamakphoto:

    Super fun Florida Instagram adventures!

    (May 22-25, 2014)

    …and then there was Florida! 

  6. I was in Vermont last month and I took a couple photos!

    (I have lots more adventures to share but we’ll start with these photos from Bingham falls for now)

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  7. Quick poll:

    Who has ever been featured on the chive without their permission or even knowledge?

    Who has actually submitted a photo to the chive?

    Who else fucking hates the chive?

  8. My blog turned 5 today!

    Well, that’s something?

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  9. Anonymous said: How punk rock are u?

    like, super punk rock.



  10. I’ve been majorly slacking this month, but here are some odds and ends/post it drawings from January!

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