1. Quick poll:

    Who has ever been featured on the chive without their permission or even knowledge?

    Who has actually submitted a photo to the chive?

    Who else fucking hates the chive?

  2. My blog turned 5 today!

    Well, that’s something?

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  3. Anonymous asked: How punk rock are u?

    like, super punk rock.



  4. I’ve been majorly slacking this month, but here are some odds and ends/post it drawings from January!

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  5. Doodled some Crystal Gems!

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  6. I was looking through my mostly never posted gif folder, so here, have some dumb dumb silly dumb selfie gifs from last December because why not!

    you’re welcome

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  7. Anonymous asked: so your name is actually artzy? that's awesome! did you change it to that or is that your parents' surname?

    Yup! Born this way


  8. Anonymous asked: Hey, you are not "artzy", you just take photos. Everyone can take photos. Is nothing exceptional.

    Should I list the ways that you’re wrong, or just



  9. Anonymous asked: you basically have the same music tastes as me, and it makes me extremely sad because every single person I know doesn't like the same music as I do. it's hard as hell finding someone with similar music tastes in this world, like nigh impossible for me. but anyways... before I go stuff my face in a pillow and scream WHY. please listen to Featherstone and Woodland by The Paper Kites, i think you'll love the songs, if you don't already know them. also St. Clarity is good too.

    Aw, thanks music-twin-anon! Don’t worry about it, none of my friends like the same music as me but I’m still fine. Those songs were lovely! And have really adorable names, too. If you wanna suggest music to me I can recommend you new stuff too, though it’d probably work better if you weren’t anonymous.

    (This message is super old cause I’m really bad at getting around to listening to/discovering new music)